We are excited to announce the beta launch of our new localization platform, GitLocalize!

GitLocalize is a continuous localization platform for GitHub repositories and automates the process for developers. Because of the ever-changing nature of Internet-related product, keeping localizing them has been really challenging. GitLocalize solves this by connecting to your GitHub repository and naturally integrating with your development workflow in just a few clicks.

We started supporting from Markdown files. Try GitLocalize in a minute if you have a documentation project that you want to localize.

Get started now with GitHub

How it works

You can immediately get started with your GitHub account, choose your repository to integrate with GitLocalize and localize your files. Here are the key features of the platform:

GitHub based workflow

GitHub based workflow

Once you integrate your repo with GitLocalize, it starts pulling all the localization related files into its platform and watching the changes.

When you finish translating a file, you then make a review request and ask the team to review the changes, like what you do with a pull request.

After the review process, you can send a pull request back to your repo. It makes each contribution on GitLocalize each user’s commit on the repository.

With GitLocalize, your team no longer need to do anything extra to localize your project and developers only need to look at those pull request coming.

Diff management on translations

Diff management

Since it automatically links a translation with its original sentence, it can show you which part needs to be translated when the original one is updated.

No need to manually check which parts are affected due to the original updated. You just need to look at GitLocalize editor and fill in the missing translations.

And of course, more features are lined up and will be shipped soon!

More details

Check out the video below to see how it works in more depth!

Happy localizing!

We need your feedback to improve and bring the product to create the better future for localization. Please feel free to give us any feedbacks here. We will respond within a day.

Also, we have a Gitter channel to chat. Feel free to join and jump into the conversation.

And of course, this blog is localized into Japanese with GitLocalize, make a suggestion for the translation from here.

We hope to make your localization far easier and smoother and support your product’s global success! Happy localizing!