GitLocalize Is Free

We are excited to announce that GitLocalize is now free for everyone!

Is everything free?

Yes. All the features — the synchronization of repositories, the webhook to keep your projects up-to-date, manual and machine translation into all the supported languages, and teamwork — are available for free.

Is it free for anyone?

Practically. Whether you own OSS or private projects, you can sync them to GitLocalize and translate their documentation, guides and resource strings into all the languages. We intend to keep the platform free for every project, except really huge ones — in such cases we will have to discuss an Enterprise plan with additional technical support from our team.

Is it always going to be free?

Yes, we intend to keep it that way.

GitLocalize is still far from perfect, and what we need now is as much feedback as possible. Feel free to sign in or sign up with your GitHub account, add a new repo, and start translating right away. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions — join the community chat or book a call to share your experience!